Do It Yourself Websites,
you don't do yourself.

We both know you could do it, but will you? And how painful will it be?

You need a website.  Your friends have said to you: "Hey, with all the tools out there, you can do it yourself you know."  You think to yourself: "Yeah! I could do it myself." 

I know you could too.

With that said, some of my clients are people who also know they can DIY.  After either a lot of procrastinating, or a lot of confusing false starts on platforms that were supposed to be easy, they eventually realized that while, yes, they could do it themselves, it hurt.  It hurt really, really bad. And it was time consuming.  

Many people who go the DIY route eventually realize that if they had just paid someone else to do it in the first place, they could have been making that same money back working on business which they actually enjoy.

I enjoy making websites for clients on "Do It Yourself" platforms.  A DIY platform means you have the ability - if you want it - to control, update and modify your website on your own.  When you contract me, you get the DIY without having to experience the painful DIY learning curve.

I routinely make complete websites for clients, but I am also happy to just get you going if that is all you need or want.  Trust me when I say that any bit of help in this department will save the average person hours, days, or even months of confusion and frustration.

Don't It Yourself!  Let me help you.


Vancouver, BC, Canada